Ethan Holmes, The Author and Photographer

Ethan Holmes is a professional photographer as well as the author of five books. Ethan specializes in nature photography with specific focus on the brevity of things in nature, such as lightning, waterfalls, rainbows, sunsets, wildlife and storm cloud formations. The goal is to capture frozen moments that often only last a moment themselves, like this one;


Ethan Holmes does not believe in Photoshopping colors. Nature provides plenty on it’s own.

Ethan also likes to photograph things with a lot of history behind them like this;


Did you know that a saguaro, in it’s natural state in the desert, usually has to live fifty years before it grows arms? Imagine then, how long this one has been around.


This is not in a zoo. This is a ‘real’ wild alligator basking on the shores of the St. John’s river in Central Florida.

Ethan Holmes exhibits that same slightly askew, far from normal view in photography that he displays in much of his writing. This shot is aptly named ‘Gunsite Rock’.


Ethan Holmes has been photographing things ever since his aunt bought him a cheap, yet highly prized Kodak camera at the age of ten. The rest, as they say is history. His photography has sold off the walls of some of Sedona’s most noteworthy studios.

You are cordially invited to visit Ethan Holmes’ website and to follow his blog. Comments and feedback are always welcome.


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