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I’m looking for reviewers of my book titles and I’m not talking about the two sentence, “I liked it, four stars” kind of review. I am offering a free digital copy of any of my five book titles in exchange for a quality review of the title.

I don’t make a habit out of giving away free books on a regular basis, yet often times you must give to get. You can have a pdf, epub, doc or docx file of any book for free if you promise to issue a review on two or more major sites like Amazon or Itunes within eight to ten weeks of the date of issue.

Reviews are an important part of the process for an independent writer and the more comprehensive and ‘helpful’ the review, the more likely people would be to make a purchasing decision. I am grateful enough to give away free books in order to get such reviews. In return, you get a free book to read.

Please visit my author’s website here, Ethan Holmes

You will find titles ranging in genre from, sci-fi/post-apocalyptic, (Earth’s Blood), to short story collections and murder mysteries. There’s even a humorous, dry-witted self-help title, Live Your Life In a Crap Free Zone, that takes a realistic yet funny look at life’s choices and the paths they send us down.

Currently, my ‘best of’ collection of short stories titled Shorts and Other Laundry is immediately available for free on a permanent basis on Itunes, Amazon and most other digital reading formats. (See, you don’t even have to contact me for this one.) Reviews would be appreciated.

Please use the contact form in this blog to let me know what you would like to read and thank you for considering my titles. I know time is a valuable commodity to all.

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About Ethan Holmes

Ethan Holmes currently resides in Northern Arizona and he is the author of seven published books; Earth's Blood, The Keystone, A Multi-Pack of Brain Flakes, Shorts and Other Laundry, Live Your Life In A Crap Free Zone, Water. and his new novella, The Town of Perfect. When he is not writing Ethan is also a professional freelance nature photographer.
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